When constructing a design for us to prototype, if possible please try and send a view of the overall piece along with front and side views of specific important components of the design if we are to provide 3d CAD/Cam Service. 

 Make sure you backup your Cad Drawing to ensure you have a good copy of your file. We prefer STL format but can use
3dm Rhino or Rhino Gold.   

If we are unclear on an aspect of the design, we will ask for clarification before proceeding. All designs should include 3 dimensions.

  If no technical design is provided for us, we can develop one for you. The price depends on the project and would be added on top of normal prototyping costs.

  Sometimes it is not necessary to make a CAD design and it will be more useful to make a wax by hand directly from customer's drawings or pictures. jewelry design: 

In some case's  2 views as well as measurements might be need. The more detail we are sent the better product for me to  produced for you.   

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