If possible please try and send a view of the overall piece along with front and side views of specific important components of the design if we are to provide 3d CAD/Cam Service.  Please provide good measurement either in Millimeters or Inches.
Provide any drawing you have or take time to draw it your self. Do not worry about the art work , that's our worry.

 Most importantly specify if you want us to make allowances for dimensions ,, size can vary from wax to casting as much or more than 10 percent of the actual measurements or size of the piece's final size when completed.

  If  unclear on an aspect of the design, I will ask for clarification before proceeding. All designs should include 3 dimensions.

  If no technical design is provided for us, I can develop one for you. The price depends on the project and would be added on top of normal prototyping costs.

  Sometimes it is not necessary to make a CAD design and it will be more useful to make a wax by hand directly from customer's drawings or pictures. jewelry design: 

In some case's  2 views as well as measurements will  be needed. The more detail we are sent the better product us produced for you.   

 1 key aspect of any design you must allow for 10 percent shrinkage if we make a Rubber Mold instead of the Metal Mold
of your Piece. There is shrinkage in any lost wax casting, if you have to have a 10mm dia. piece increase its size by 10 percent for the actual wax size so when caste it will be 10mm in size when its released from the investment mold.
​As for the Metal Mold this too should have an allowance for 10 percent difference if you are using it for making wax 
part to be used in lost wax casting. The added advantage to Metal molds is you can inject the wax with a bit more pressure
and this allows for more than one piece to be machined into the mold and still get good wax's for casting.. Be mindful
there is a limit even with metal molds depending on size and number of pieces you have us mill out in the molds interior.

For the Hobbyist and First time users of our service.
Please read information provided below.